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Family-owned and established in 2004. We're a husband and wife duo helping dream & transform your outdoor space into an outdoor room. We help you explore every area of your backyard - BBQ Grills, Outdoor Furniture Sets, Outdoor Rugs, Fire Pits, Decor, and more.

At Outdoor Rooms by Design we have created a store where you can explore every aspect of your backyard. You’ll find everything you need to fall in love with your backyard. BBQ grills, patio sets, swim spas, awnings, fun decor, umbrellas, smokers, cuddle chairs, pool furniture, pellet grills, hot tubs, hammocks, fire pits, everything you’ll need but the friends!

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Outdoor Rooms By Design

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At Outdoor Rooms by Design, we have created a store where you can explore every aspect of your backyard. You’ll find everything you need to fall in love with your backyard - We help you explore every area of your backyard - grills, outdoor furniture sets, outdoor rugs, fire pits, decor, swim spas, umbrellas, hot tubs, hammocks, and more! We have everything you’ll need but the friends!

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Seaside Casual

Outdoor Living Without Compromise

Our outdoor collection is a balance of traditional design recreated in modern materials. The coastal communities of the eastern seaboard have molded our aesthetic, while material advancements have allowed us to create a product that can withstand the elements. Our products are designed to endure the corrosive seaside air, a New England winter, or an Arizona heat wave. In short, we handcraft furniture that looks great, is easy to maintain, and can be left outdoors from one season to the next.

Recycled Material and Sustainability

Seaside Casual furniture is made from Envirowood, an all weather marine grade recycled HDPE polymer - the kind found in milk jugs. Our furniture is essentially a maintenance-free product. Our HDPE material is non-porous and resistant to moisture, fading, insects, splinting, warping and other hazards of environmental exposure common to wood and wood fiber composite products.

Customers concerned about the environment can feel confident they have made a good decision by purchasing our products. Unlike other types of resin and polymers, HDPE is the most environmentally stable, giving off no harmful fumes. Our products are designed to hold up to all kinds of adverse weather conditions for decades.

Environmental Stewards

Our twelve acre 100,000 square foot facility provides the template for sound environmental stewardship. Since the purchase of our
state of the art facility in 2007, we have continually strived to find areas needing improvement, and work towards making it better.
We have reduced and reclaimed thousands of tons of corrugated cardboard, wood debris and other recyclable material, previously moved into the waste stream, and have either repurposed, recycled or reduced our reliance on them. We also work on efficiencies that have already dropped our utility consumption by double digits, and we will continue to work on responsible energy conservation.

We know you are buying our furniture to enjoy the peace and serenity of the outdoors, and we are committed to do our part to ensure the generations to come will have the opportunity enjoy it as much tomorrow as we do today.

Broil King®

Welcome to

The Kingdom

Where you reign supreme and can customize your grilling experience to be as unique as your tastes and outdoor lifestyle. Our passion is to design and build Great Barbecues ensuring you, your family and friends enjoy Great Barbecues Everytime.


The King® of Flavour

Power, performance and great barbecue flavour is what sets Broil King® apart.

Every component is crafted for power and performance to maximize flavor while minimizing fuel use. These precision-engineered components are the backbone of Broil King’s Legendary Cooking System.

Built for Superior Performance and Longevity

We proudly manufacture our gas grills in our own North American factories using carefully designed domestic and global components. By embracing continuous improvement and adhering to strict international quality standards, our team is dedicated to providing premium products.

Lane Venture®

Sophisticated designs with discerning details and laid-back comfort are what make LANE VENTURE the expert in casual outdoor luxury. The diverse range of materials within our collection of styles will inspire you to create a serene and luxe outdoor room that is breezy, timeless and has your unique personal signature.


Frankford Umbrellas

At Frankford Umbrellas, we believe in providing our partners an exceptional product, at a reasonable price, with superior customer service.

Frankford Umbrellas has been in the shade business for 125 years, providing superior quality umbrellas to the contract and retail industries since 1898. We are a dynamic and thriving company in the outdoor living industry, specializing in modern and traditional shade solution designs.

We are known primarily for the quality of the umbrellas we provide to restaurants, resorts and hotels in thousands of locations throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. Although we are commercially focused, we also provide for the homeowner; our elegant and durable shade designs are displayed in countless residential settings across North America.

The beauty, design, and superior elements of our umbrellas bring enhanced resort and dining experiences to your cherished outdoor living space. We use only the best materials in manufacturing our umbrellas, and we are proud to build them right here in the United States. Our umbrellas are built to last, and are truly the best in the industry. We believe in providing our partners an exceptional product, at a reasonable price, with superior customer service.

Precisely crafted, our umbrellas are built to withstand the harshest conditions. The marine grade fabric we use is guaranteed not to fade over time, won’t stretch or sag, and is resistant to mold and mildew. Our umbrellas have all been tested to withstand at least 25MPH winds, with some models engineered to withstand 50-60MPH winds. We back up our belief in the durability and longevity of our umbrellas by offering warranties to protect your purchase.

Here at Frankford Umbrellas, our procedures and inventory systems are constantly evolving to ensure we meet all of our client’s expectations. Our ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations. This goal has helped foster thousands of long-lasting relationships with commercial and residential clients alike. So while it is typically years before our customers need to return, they always do.

Whether you’re a country club, resort and spa, or a family that enjoys your outdoor space as much as your indoor space, once you’ve experienced our umbrellas, and more importantly our personal commitment to satisfying the needs of our customers, we are confident you will become a customer for life. Find your perfect umbrella through one of our valued dealers or at a retail store near you.

We invite you to experience exceptional shade.

The Good One®

Made in the USA, The Good-One® Smoker/Grill was first conceived and built in 1988 in a small farm shop in Kansas. Due to the inefficiency and lack of consistent temperature control of existing smokers on the market, the inventor devised a unique offset firebox cooking chamber design that held even heat over an extended period of time. This led to a top end smoker/grill that took competition barbecuing to new heights and produced outstanding smoked meats and other outdoor cooked foods. It required significantly less attention than other smokers and grills. The success of The Good-One® resulted in the line being sold with the intent of taking it from a regional line to a national brand. The Good-One® has been sold to individuals, not only across the United States, but also in other countries throughout the world. In addition to the extensive line of smokers, Good-One also markets their own kiln-dried pure Oak, Pecan, and Hickory lump charcoal and flavored hardwoods especially for the product line. The Good-One® brand was improved even further when it was sold to Landmark Mfg. Corp. in March 2013. Landmark has been in business since 1959 and is one of the largest metal fabrication companies in the Midwest and was the current builder of several models prior to the sale. Going directly from manufacturer to the dealer brings a new level of flexibility, innovation and competitiveness. This ensures a continued high level of quality while giving The Good-One brand improved innovation and product development opportunities.