Be Your Own Designer!


If you’ve ever visited our showroom, you know that we always have many different styles of furniture available. Our products come in many different shapes, sizes, and textures, and we always have a wide variety of accessories to complete the look. But with so many choices available, how do you know that you are creating the perfect backyard? You may ask “Does this color go with this pattern?” or “What looks best next to my wall?” or even “How do I fill in so much space?” Never fear, friends- we have the answers for you!

First things first, forget every rule you’ve ever heard. Yes, you read that right! This is the prime time to break the rules and trust your gut! If you like something, go for it! Here’s the secret: our minds tend to migrate towards similar styles. When you are attracted to one item, chances are, it matches another item that you like! Most people tend to subconsciously pick a style and stick to it. For example, if you like a more modern-looking sofa, you will not be pulled towards rustic décor- and vice versa. You can rest assured that if you like two items, they probably resemble the same style, therefore, they were meant to be placed together! So, if your great-grandma told you 30 years ago that you cannot place bright pillows with neutral frames or wicker with wood, think again.

Next, find an inspiration piece and build from there. An inspirational piece can be a sofa, a rug, an end table, or anything! Use this piece as a foundation to match your other pieces. When matching other pieces, remember to pay close attention to frames and textures. If you choose a wicker loveseat, find a wicker end table to pair with it. Or, break the rules and incorporate an aluminum end table colored the same. Fire pits are also easy to match in color and style and can also double as a coffee table!

Now, it’s time to pick the cushions! Do not be intimidated by bright colors and patterns. In fact, those actually create an unexpected, yet interesting, vibe for your backyard! If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with your color options, a good rule of thumb is to stick with three colors- this includes the color of your pillows, umbrella, rug and all other accessories you may choose. You may consider pairing a patterned chair with a solid-color sofa and tie it together with matching pillows. One of our favorite looks (and a real penny saver) is neutral neutral-colored sofa and chairs, paired with bright pillows and matching patterns! This specific look ties the three colors together perfectly, creating something easy to match, yet exciting to look at.

Ready to add more? Lamps, umbrellas, and rugs always help finish the room. Rugs create the boundaries of the room. Lamps soften the look and make it feel more like home. Umbrellas are both trendy and useful for blocking the sun. These items can match what you already have picked out (cushion or frame), or if you need a third color, throw on a bright lampshade or fun-colored umbrella. The options are endless in this department!

Lastly, finish the room off with décor. If there is one thing we have noticed over 14 years, it is that accessories tie all of the elements together, create a feeling, and complete the room. You may even consider adding a pop of color on a wall behind the furniture to finish the look. Don’t have a wall? No problem! We have screens and dividers perfect for adding to the quality of the room while increasing the privacy of your backyard. Plants are also a great addition to any outdoor room.

As we said before, the possibilities are endless when adding furniture to your backyard paradise. Still have questions? Come see us! Our staff is trained to help you pick the perfect elements for your backyard. When you are shopping with us, design services are always free. We are happy to help you find the perfect outdoor living furniture!