Buying a Hot Tub can be a tough decision


Buying a spa is a tough decision.  Dozens of manufacturers offer multiple models and prices, not to mention countless options and features.  When you add in all the different warranty information you’re going to find, calling this a tough decision is probably an understatement.

That’s why, just like you, we started doing our research.  After researching the top five spa manufacturers we flew to Marquis Spas in Portland, Oregon to experience the manufacturing process and quality control firsthand.  Eight years later, we added the La-Z-Boy line of spas as well as the Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas.

Ready to do your research?
Visit our store for a private Hot Tub Wet Test and we will show you the differences between a Marquis Hot Tub, a La-Z Boy Spa, and a Hydropool Hot Tub.  You can even try out a Hydropool Swim Spa while you’re there.

Call today to schedule your private “hot tub wet test” and decide for yourself!