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Grill like a Saber Pro!

We had such a great time on Thursday with Dominic from Saber Grills! He demonstrated the difference between an infrared & conventional grill. Needless to say, we were impressed and our tummies were full! Check out the pictures!

The Grate Debate: Gas vs Charcoal

A great deal of words, tears & possibly blood has been spilled over which makes a better grill- charcoal or gas?  Both have their advantages and disadvantages and with today’s accessories and techniques, both can get the job done! Professional pit masters rave about charcoal grills, but actually, 68% of American grill owners use gas grills. It all […]

Recipes for Tailgaters

If this is what your backyard sounds like on a Saturday afternoon, then this blog is for you! Imagine this: You and your friends are gathered around the backyard. The game is on the TV and food is cooking. Right now, the score is tied; everyone is on the edge of the seats. Then, the timer […]

BBQ Smoking Class with Chris Marks

Several times each year we offer BBQ smoking classes with  World BBQ Champion Chris Marks of Three Little Pigs BBQ & Good One Smokers. If you want to learn how to smoke delicious, competition-quality ribs and chicken, this class is for you.  Sign up for our hands-on beginning smoking class. BBQ 101-Ribs & Chicken Outdoor Rooms by […]

Complimentary Backyard Design Consultation

Thank you for allowing us to be named the Top 100 Outdoor Living Showrooms in the Nation! Your Backyard is the Biggest Room You Own! We are the Best Outdoor Rooms showroom in the region and we’d love to help you craft your next backyard experience. At Outdoor Rooms by Design, we have created a […]

What is Pit BBQ?

Many people misuse the term Pit barbecue. It has come to be applied to anything cooked on a grill, or even in the oven if a sauce is applied. Pit barbecue is not a dish or a cooking device, it is a method of cooking. Pit BBQ starts with meat which is covered with a selection of spices, and […]

Turkey Brine 101

Brining Turkey adds moisture, making it the best choice for lean proteins. Salt in the brine not only seasonings the meat but also promotes a change in its protein structure, reducing its overall toughness and creating gaps that fill up with water and keep the meat juicy and flavorful. Why brine turkey? Of course, there […]

The Perfect Smoked Turkey

Have you ever cooked a perfect turkey? Were the breasts moist and tender and the legs completely cooked? Chances are, not always. Why is it so hard to get the dark meat cooked perfectly without overcooking the white meat? The reason is that a turkey is two distinctly different kinds of meat. The breast meat […]