How to Cold Smoke Cheese


Just about any type of cheese can be smoked including Swiss, Colby, Provolone, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Gouda, and a host of others. The trick is to let the cheese sit out in the open air for a bit before smoking to allow the outside to toughen. You will want to light 2 lbs of Good-One Lump charcoal and use a flavor wood like Apple, Cherry, or Peach wood, place the flavor wood on top of the lump charcoal to create ample smoke without too much heat.

Since cold smoking is difficult to accomplish in hot conditions and climates, you are more likely to do cold smoking during the colder months. The reason why cold smoking occurs in the winter or colder regions of the world is because in warmer weather the temperature of the smoker can rise too high, putting a halt to the cold smoking process.


  1. Set up your Good-One to maintain a temperature of less than 90°F it is imperative that the heat be no higher than 90° to prevent the cheese from melting all over your smoker. There are several options for creating the much-needed smoke while keeping the heat to a bare minimum. I will light 2 lbs of lump charcoal in the Good-One firebox and spread the hot coals evenly across the firebox to cold smoke. Place the cheese on the smoker grate of your Good-One. Place (1) piece of flavor wood on top of the charcoal to create smoke flavor, provide as little airflow as possible by just opening the firebox spinners (1) turn the open the damper just enough to allow the temp to reach 90°F, replace the charcoal and/or wood chunks as needed to keep the smoke going for the desired period of time.
  2. Place the blocks of cheese directly on the grate and apply light smoke for about 2-3 hours. Remove the cheese from the grate and place it in a resealable plastic bag. Store the smoked cheese in the refrigerator for 2 weeks before indulging to allow the smoke flavor to permeate the cheese and even mature slightly. If you simply cannot wait 2 weeks, just know that the smoke flavor will be more pronounced and even somewhat bitter. If you can resist temptation, you’ll be rewarded with a more mellow smoke presence.
  3. This is also where you will need to experiment and decide what your preference is. It also depends on what kind of flavor wood you used and how much smoke you made. So if you’re in doubt, just create a moderate amount of smoke and leave it on for about 2-3 hours, and adjust it the next time for more or less smoke according to your taste.