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Made in the USA, The Good-One® Smoker/Grill was first conceived and built in 1988 in a small farm shop in Kansas. Due to the inefficiency and lack of consistent temperature control of existing smokers on the market, the inventor devised a unique offset firebox cooking chamber design that held even heat over an extended period of time. This led to a top end smoker/grill that took competition barbecuing to new heights and produced outstanding smoked meats and other outdoor cooked foods. It required significantly less attention than other smokers and grills. The success of The Good-One® resulted in the line being sold with the intent of taking it from a regional line to a national brand. The Good-One® has been sold to individuals, not only across the United States, but also in other countries throughout the world. In addition to the extensive line of smokers, Good-One also markets their own kiln-dried pure Oak, Pecan, and Hickory lump charcoal and flavored hardwoods especially for the product line. The Good-One® brand was improved even further when it was sold to Landmark Mfg. Corp. in March 2013. Landmark has been in business since 1959 and is one of the largest metal fabrication companies in the Midwest and was the current builder of several models prior to the sale. Going directly from manufacturer to the dealer brings a new level of flexibility, innovation and competitiveness. This ensures a continued high level of quality while giving The Good-One brand improved innovation and product development opportunities.

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