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Fall In Love With Your Backyard

Fall In Love with Your Backyard

At Outdoor Rooms by Design, we have created a store where you can explore every aspect of your backyard.

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Grilling up the moments, smoking in the memories!

Everyone has a different style when it comes to bbq. That’s why there’s not one BBQ Grill or Grill Smoker that’s best for everyone.

Each BBQ Grill line we carry has a different style and purpose.
We’ve analyzed the different features, benefits, quality and pricing, and brought in the best choices in the industry. With eight different lines of BBQ Grills and smokers, we have the perfect one for you. Stop by and let us help you find that perfect BBQ Grill!

Broil King

Built on a cast iron reputation, Broil King gas grills are engineered to provide outstanding quality and cooking performance.  Compare 20 different series of Broil King grills to find the grill you’ve been looking for.

  • Extra Thick, Extra Deep Cooking Oven
  • Superior Burner
  • Reversible Heavy Cast Iron Grids
  • Flav-R-Wave & Flav-R-Cast Cooking System
  • Maintenance Free Shelving Material
  • Accu-Temp Thermometer
  • Sure-Light Ignition System
  • Thermonylon Handles
  • Rust Resistant Finish
  • Wobble-Free Cart
Limited Lifetime Warranty

This grill features a Lifetime Warranty on the Therma-Cast™ aluminum oven, 5 years on the stainless steel burner system and 2 years on all remaining parts and paint.

Additional Features:

  • Rear Rotisserie Burner
  • Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit
  • Range Style Side Burner

SABER® Grills

SABER® Grills are designed and engineered to provide you a new level of cooking performance. There is nothing you can’t cook on a SABER® grill!

SABER infrared grills use a proprietary IR cooking system that’s so advanced you can actually taste the difference. It keeps meat naturally juicy and tender, even when cooked medium or well done. . Mistakes like overcooking or charring a piece of meat will be a thing of the past!
SABER grills combine Performance, Innovation, and Affordability. We have incorporated features that allow you to relax and enjoy serving delicious food to your family and guests.
All Saber® grills cook with infrared heat locking the natural juices and moisture into your food. Our patented cooking system vents convective air, which dries your food out, away from the cooking surface. Flare-ups are eliminated and foods cook more quickly and efficiently.
  • Not all stainless steels are created equal. Stainless steel used in SABER® grills is guaranteed to be 304 Commercial Grade.
  • No flex lid design ensures years of smooth operation.
  • Built-in tilt storage for warming rack.
  • Burner boxes, firebox liners, and grease trays are porcelain coated for easy cleanup.
  • Fully welded 1″ steel tube frame (both cart and firebox) provides superior strength and stability.
  • SABER® grills are certified to the highest safety and performance standards available, ensuring safety and reliability.
  • Streamlined assembly process — means you’re grilling sooner with a SABER® grill.
  • Easily change fuel sources from propane to natural gas, or for built-in grills from natural gas to propane, using our patented EZ NG or EZ LP conversion kit. (sold separately)


The Holland Grill is not an “ordinary” gas grill. Made right here in the USA, we cook better food and do it more easily than any gas BBQ grill made. Period. Many have tried to copy our unique indirect grilling system but none have succeeded. If you’re looking for a gas grill that’s easy to use and grills the most tender, juicy food you’ll ever taste, you’re looking for a Holland Grill. Great food, no flare-ups and hassle-free!

How the Holland works

The Holland Grill is a unique outdoor gas grill. It’s indirect, radiant heat keeps the flame off the food to give you moist, juicy, tender food without the hassle. People often say they bought a Holland Grill for two reasons — the food and the no flare-up.

Learn more about Holland Grills.

Demonstrably Superior


For more than 30 years, Lynx has been the model of engineering excellence.  Having built products for some of the most discerning clients in the hospitality industry-including resorts, restaurants and hotels-we know Lynx products hold up to heavy use and withstand the test of time.

We believe the Lynx grill and its accouterments are demonstrably superior to anything else available:

  • Lynx performs better
  • Is stronger and more durable
  • Is easier to use and clean
  • And is better looking!

We’re sure that after some investigation, you’ll agree that Lynx is one of the best!

The Good-One ™ Smoker & Grills

The innovative design of the Good-One ™ smoker/grill moves the heat and smoke over the meat for uniform cooking perfection. It holds the heat at the right temperature for that old-fashioned pit BBQ taste.

Although the Good-One ™ name is usually associated with smoking, all models have a grill chamber as well.  With sizes ranging from 1170 sq inches to 4536 sq inches it’s the only smoker/grill you’ll need!

Features of the  Good-One ™ Smokers:

  • Damper control between grill and smoker, controls heat for uniform cooking temperature.
  • Quality workmanship and materials for customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Simple and easy cooking, look like an expert every time!
  • Old-fashioned pit BBQ taste.
  • Provides consistent & even cooking.
  • No moving or electrical parts for maximum safety and minimal maintenance.
  • Removable ash pan makes clean up a snap!
  • No need to rotate meats on smoker grates.
  • Start and walk off–cooks for up to 4 hours!
  • Cooks well in inclement weather.
  • Use smoker and grill to cook other foods such as: beans, potatoes, corn, and even fruit pies!

Whether it’s a family BBQ, tailgating, competition teams, or commerical caterers the  Good-One ™ Smoker/Grills can serve all your needs.  Stop by the store today and see for yourself.

Explore the Good One Grill/Smokers

Founded in 1988 the innovative design of the Good-One ™ smoker/grill moves the heat and smoke over the meat for uniform cooking perfection. It holds the heat at the right temperature for the old-fashioned pit BBQ taste.
The Good-One ™smoker/grills are endorsed by Chris Marks, 9 time champion of the American Royal BBQ Cookoff; Winner of over 40 National BBQ contests, and TV Cooking Show Guest.  Watch our BBQ Events page for on-site events and cooking classes with Chris Marks.


Professional chefs and amateur BBQ fanatics agree, there’s only one way to cook it best…and that’s on a Primo ceramic grill and smoker. With Primo, you can truly unleash your culinary imagination, whatever your preference, whether it’s grilling turkey, chicken, shrimp or veggies, searing steaks; smoking salmon; slow roasting or barbecuing ribs, pork butt or brisket; Enjoy baking fresh bread, crispy pizza, cakes and casseroles or try your hand at exotic dishes, marinades, rubs and salsa.

Primo is the only ceramic cooker manufactured in the USA and is the only brand carrying the extremely versatile and patented oval-shaped grill.  Primos are durable, resisting even the most extreme climates, temperatures and weather conditions. Our premium grade ceramic efficiently locks in 60% more heat, moisture and flavor, resulting in remarkably juicier meat and an all-around higher quality taste.

Smokin’ Brothers Grills

The Smokin’ Brothers Grills are designed to take your grilling to a new level, whether it is for family BBQ’s in the c backyard, competitions, or anything in between.  Smokin’ Brothers Wood Pellet Grills are manufactured and assembled in the Southeast Missouri and are designed to give you consistent cooking every time.  These grills cook with indirect heat, preventing flare-ups.  Each grill comes complete with a drip pan to catch the grease and convection fan to circulate air around the food, eliminating the need for a rotisserie.  The digital thermostat control maintains a constant temperature from 180 to 375 degrees and a high setting for temperatures about 400.  Simply plug in your Smokin’ Brothers grill and set it to 180 to start.  After lighting, set your temperature as needed and let the grill do the rest.  In 10 to 15 minutes you are ready to begin your BBQ masterpiece.

The Grate Debate- Charcoal vs. Gas.

A great deal of words… tears… and possibly blood- have spilled, over which makes a better grill. Charcoal or Gas?  Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and with today’s accessories and techniques both can get the job done!  Professional pit masters like to dump on gas grills, but actually 68% of American grill owners use gas.  However, there is one major difference.  Gas grills deprive you, of the primal thrill of lighting, and playing with fire!

GRILL TIPS-Mistakes-Common mistakes made in the quest for the perfect BBQ! 

  • You’re in too big of hurry and have planned poorly.  BBQ takes time and patience!You can’t rush it.
  • Opening the lid to peak too often.  It’s hard not to look!
  • Trying to do a brisket or spare ribs the first time on your new smoker.  The simplest to cook is a  whole chicken or a picnic roast.
  • Trying to adjust too many things at once.  Change one thing, see what happens!
  • Inviting the family, the in-laws and the preacher and his wife over the first day you get your new smoker.  Practice first so you can “wow them good!”


Grilling, BBQ and Smoking.  Isn’t all the same thing?  These three terms are actually quite different.

  • Grilling is a high heat cooking method directly over hot coals or live flame, and usually is complete within a matter of minutes.
  • BBQ involves a long and slow (and typically indirect heat) meaning the heat source is located away from the food.
  • And then there is smoking!  This type of cooking is done directly over the heat source, but at a very low temperature.  Smoke is used to flavor the food and both the smoke and heat do the cooking.  Whichever way you prefer it, enjoy!

GRILL TIPS-Buying a  Grill

Are you ready to purchase a grill, but don’t know where to start?  There’s not “one” grill that is best for everyone!  Barbecuing is an “interactive sport”, and everyone has their own style.  (Don’t worry if you don’t have a style yet)-you’ll get the hang of it.    Before you buy consider the choices.  Gas, charcoal or electric.  How important are the optional features?  Are you into basic burgers or are you an awesome gourmet griller?  Will this grill be an outdoor appliance or will it be the focal point in your outdoor kitchen?  Do you cook for just your family or entertain large groups?  And of course there’s the budget.  Still not sure?  Stop by, we’ll be glad to go over the choices with you and help you find the right grill for you.  Visit us in Kimberling City.


It never fails… the neighbors are gathered in your backyard, awaiting the mouth watering BBQ and it happens!  The propane tank is empty!  Here’s a quick solution to save face with the neighbors. Check the remaining propane by taking a bathroom scale outside and weigh the tank.  An empty tank weighs 17-19 pounds.  The additional weight is how much propane remains in the tank.  Or you could simply stop by and pick up one of our propane gauges that attaches to the tank.

GRILL TIPS-Blueberry Krumble

Blueberry Krumble on the grill!  With indirect grilling anything is possible.  Indirect grilling is achieved by stacking charcoal on each side of the grill and using a drip pan in the center to create division. Toss a handful of cherry woodchips on each side and bake the blueberry krumble in the center. The fruit flavored wood smoke will bring out the sweetness.  Cook until golden brown on top (30-40 minutes).  Serve over vanilla ice cream.


It happened again yesterday… a customer expressed frustration in trying to obtain control of a charcoal grill.  A classic 3 zone, direct fire will make temperature control a cinch.  To set up the grill with 3 heat zones, pile hot charcoal on the far back side, piling it double thick (for furnace blast heat).  In the center strip of the grill, a thinner layer.  The front strip is a safety zone, without any charcoal.  This will give you 3 temperature zones, if something begins to burn you can quickly move it to the safety zone.


How do I reduce flare-ups on a gas grill?  We hear it often.  When cooking fatty meats it’s easy to reduce flair ups by taking heavy-duty foil, folding it into a double-layered square platform for the meat, to render some of the fat.  Place the meat on top of the foil and begin grilling.  Placing a weighted meat press on top of the meat will help to flatten the meat, pressing out the excess fat. Once most of the fat has been rendered onto the foil carefully dispose of the foil and excess fat. Continue cooking the meat directly over the heat, continuing to use the weighted meat press.

GRILL TIPS-Fresh Trout

Fresh Trout, wrapped in bacon and smoked over live fire.  What could be better after a day on the lake?  Grilling fish has never been easier than with a triple fish basket.  Begin by spraying the basket with cooking oil.  Lodge the 3 fish in the basket and close.  The fish will stay secure as you hold the fish over the fire.  Using a fish basket allows you to hold the fish over the fire, turning it and moving around the fire as needed.  The fish should be ready after 6-7 minutes on each side.  This method also works great on an open campfire.


Chicken on the Grill, it’s a favorite!  But how do you grill a large bird without it drying out?  Flavor Injector!  A flavor injector inserts flavored marinade directly into the meat.  Simply load the flavored liquid into the injector, insert into several spots and inject the liquid.  Just 7 or 8 squirts within the breast meat and drumsticks will add flavor and keep the bird from drying out.


One of the biggest mistakes on the grill?  Turning steaks or burgers with a grill fork.  Poking a hole into the steak actually drains the juices onto the coals, creating flair ups and drying out the meat.  But… don’t toss that grill fork!  It’s great for sliding between the grates and lifting up food when it sticks to the grate.


Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest difference.   Cooking on the grill is an “interactive sport”.  It’s not like popping bread into the oven and waiting for the timer to ding.  And as with any “sport” it requires the proper equipment.  But this doesn’t have to be complicated.  A few simple tools can make your grilling experience a good one.  Brushes & scrubbers will keep your grill clean and ready to use each time.  From drip pans, gloves, baskets, spray bottles and misters, meat thermometers, to chimney starters, all will help you grill like a pro.  For a full selection of grilling accessories and tools visit us in Kimberling City.


Plank cooking.  The process of cooking on cut wood, just as the Native Americans did.  Planks are available in many flavors;  alder, apple, cherry, oak, etc.  Plank cooking infuses food with a rich, smoky essence, and this alluring taste is only minutes away.  You’ll want to start by soaking the plank for at least an hour.  Most common is to soak it in water, however, you can also soak the plank in fruit juices, vinegar, wine and other alcohols.  After soaking the plank, season it on the grill by placing it cooking side down on the grill for 5 minutes.  Flip the plank and lightly cover the plank with olive oil.  Now just lay a bed of fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, or any type of meat on the plank.  Food can be served while on the plank for a mouth- watering presentation.  Check out our planks and cookbooks in the store today.

GRILL TIPS-Lump Charcoal

Everyone’s buzzing about natural lump charcoal.  Briquettes are a thing of the past.  The Difference?  Lump charcoal lights faster, burns hotter and leaves little to no ash- all without that petroleum taste!  Petroleum?  That’s right, Petroleum.  Some brands of charcoal contain coal dust, furniture trimmings, borax, and petroleum binders.  Stop in for natural lump charcoal for your next cookout.


Always use an oil mister/sprayer before grilling to help coat your grids.  Should you have cast iron, stainless, or porcelain coated grids, misting will prevent your food from sticking.  Wait for the food to gently lift off the cooking grids before flipping; your food will let you know when it’s ready to be turned over.

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