Read this before tucking your furniture away for winter!


Fall is upon us here in the Ozarks. Our summer visitors are leaving & temperatures are dropping. You may be preparing to put away your shorts, sandals & hats… and maybe even your outdoor furniture. If this is you, you are reading the right blog. One mistake we often hear of people making is this: 

“I don’t need to clean my outdoor furniture before I store it away for the winter. It will be fine with a cover!”

Wrong.  Putting away your outdoor furniture without properly cleaning it first can be disastrous. All winter long, smells, stains & dirt can soak into the weaves of the fabric, causing permanent problems. BUT, we have a solution for you!  Our line of 303 cleaners are made to seal, protect & clean all of your outdoor furniture. We recommend using the 303 Multi Surface Cleaner before storing your outdoor furniture for the winter. This spray cleans and brightens all water safe surfaces, including fabrics, upholstery, plastics, metals, vinyl, rubber and stainless steel. Once you have cleaned your furniture, you may want to look into covers.

  • PCI Covers
    • Strong & durable
    • Protects against dust, pollen, rain, sleep, snow, and sun rays
    • Cleans easily for lasting protection
    • Secures in place with Velcro straps
  • Treasure Garden Covers
    • Made of Rhinoweave
    • Durable, breathable & water resistant
    • Soft to prevent scratching
    • Holds in place with a drawstring

After you have cleaned your furniture & covered it, you can rest assured your investment will be just as beautiful in the spring as it is now.  

Are you wanting to keep your furniture out longer? No worries! Our furniture is made for year-round, outdoor weather. Your furniture can withstand Mother Nature any time of the year (unless there is ice!).