Let Sharon Bryan Speak For Us!

Just yay!!!! Best selection and help in the area !!! My old Colman 6 person tub I bought at 36 is sad sad but new days ahead in the sun snow rain ...I have had lived w unwriteabl ins. Bc of previous cancer in 1987 3 cancer ops..7 yrs failed gallbladder unwriteabl go home days REMIVED on 2010, 7 yrs of seconal breast cancer one 2014 Dec to next fall full blood staph started a church 2017 fell sideways off a bluff TAKING BIRD PICS, bruise permanent femur bone arm left shoulder u get :)! the jest. 2019 colon op for cancer came back 0 2020 fell out of a raised grade bed was designing broke leg ankle separated toes and again permanently messed up the main tendon to front of foot no feeling ....byw!!!:) being a ex trainer in Nicholes Hills okc All American Athletic club . This serenty hot tub w sweat out from aerobics will have me 75% less pain level than w out . I only use thc and heat and cold shock therapy at home ? it is the best health investment except for the coming choosing my IA doc....tired of the children running the hospitals after surgeons are finished:)! I relize I'm fortunate one:)!!

Sharon Bryan