The Basics For Your Backyard


While we offer free design services to our customers, a lot of people like to have a general idea or plan before they come visit us. Thinking about design purpose, layout, and your landscaping we will give you several things to ponder as well as some tips for beginning to design your outdoor space.

Three things to consider:

  • First, let's talk about the purpose of your outdoor area. Are you wanting a place to eat, a place to relax or entertain, or all of the above? Choosing what you will use your area for most will make it easier to choose your layout and furniture.
  • Once you have found your space purpose, you can then look at the layout. Do you have one area where you plan to spend time or do you want multiple different areas (ie. one for eating and one for relaxing, etc)?
  • The other thing you have to consider when planning is your natural scenery. Do you have a particular view you're trying to focus on, like the lake? 

The Natural Elements

  • When thinking about your landscape and surroundings, make sure you factor in the sun. Will you need shade to block the sun or heat from your outdoor area? We offer several shade options including retractable shade, umbrellas, pergolas, and more.
  • Do you have a view of sunrise and sunset? Should you focus mainly on the view or can you also include the rising and setting sun in your natural landscape?
  • Do you live in a windy area? We have a lot of homes on the side of cliffs near the lake here and wind is a frequent factor for those customers. Do you need to block the wind from your fire pit or would you like an area to enjoy the breeze?

The Groundwork

  • Keep your current landscaping, foundation, or groundwork in mind when planning your outdoor space. You can utilize existing groundwork such as patios, wood decking, or pavers.
  • You can also utilize the greenery and beautiful views when deciding where to place your outdoor areas and in what direction. You can also use a garden or other landscaping to spruce your area up.

Envision Atmosphere

When thinking about ambience, most people think of fire, water, and light.  From fire pits, to water fountains, to outdoor lighting, we can help you with any ambience items you may want!

  • Fire: Extend your outdoor season in both the Spring and Autumn with a fire pit. Enjoy the low glow and dancing fire, while you entertain friends or just unwind with family. A fire pit is a feature that is good for almost all year around in our part of the country.
  • Water: We offer everything from water fountains to bird feeders. Let the sound of water relax you while you enjoy your outdoor space. If you're lucky enough to have a natural water source, you might consider designing your space around that.
  • Light: While a fire pit will offer quite a bit of ambient light, there are several other options as well. In our showroom and online we sell string lights as well as lanterns and outdoor candles. We also have Bluetooth speakers that feature glowing light shows and more.
  • Décor: Finish off your look with pillows, outdoor wall art, fun cups, and a cool new cooler. Accessories are the perfect way to change your area frequently without completely redesigning. 

We offer everything you need; from design services, to furniture, fire pits, grills, and décor, to free delivery. When you shop with us you truly get full service!

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