Vitamin Soak & Aromatherapy


Replenish the body with vitamin soak, a mixture of healing extracts and vitamins providing physical relief from everyday aches and pains.

Vitamin Soak

It’s common knowledge that soaking in a hot tub provides health benefits. Spazazz decided to take that philosophy a step further by introducing the Rx Therapy line of spa crystals, which utilizes a mix of healing extracts and vitamins to provide even more physical relief. They are the only crystals on the market to feature the “special blend” of medicinal ingredients. The crystals are amazing because they each target specific body ailments in an alternative and holistic way!


Crystals replenish the body with vitamins
All-natural ingredients used
Added vitamins include A, C, E, K, arnica, and calendula

Muscular Therapy which soothes with a hot and icy effect
Joint Therapy to reduce inflammation and boost circulation
Respiratory Therapy, a decongesting crystal
Detox Therapy to cleanse built-up toxins in the body
Stress Therapy to help users relax and clear their minds.

Customers have grown so accustomed to the product line’s benefits that “they don’t soak without it”!